[ANN] [AD] Notio Guestroom

The Notio Guestroom is now open for reservations. Located in north-central New England, two hours north of Boston, five hours north of NYC, three hours south of Montreal. Private setting on a dirt road. 30 minutes from Hanover and the quaint home of Dartmouth College, known as the heart of liberalism in NH.
On-site or nearby: Biking, hiking, walking, water sports, skiing, theater, dance, live music, movies, art. Additional attractions: Solitude, trees, clean air, clear water, birds, insects, stars at night, diverse forest wildlife.
Accommodations: Private room with door and east-facing windows. Share single bath with owner. You are welcome to use the Guestroom as a home base for regional travel. My summer is filled with work, so I’d enjoy living vicariously by hearing your travel stories every few days.
Network: Grounds bathed in wifi connected to Adelphia cable Internet. About 450KB/sec down from iTunes. Also: Lunches, drinks, suppers, etc with cool artists, massage therapists, energy workers, pagans, Ivy Leaguer’s, environmentalists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and change agents.
Cost: First three nights free. After that you have to spend an hour a day helping chip away at house projects like clearing small brush, deck repair, stone wall rebuilding, basement reorg, or interior remodeling. If you dislike the “three-free, then one-hour per day” pricing model, you may elect to pay $2,500 per day for our concierge-class service. Includes door-to-door airport shuttle, private, small-group, or “on-your-own” activities and tours, and all meals served on-site. (You will be invoiced for off-site meals and event fees.) Providing the absolute highest level of service, the hospitality of our concierge-class offering is unmatched by any traditional host in New England.
Arrangements: Leave a comment to kick off an email conversation!