Body Echos

Saw the chiropractor this morning. I’ve been visiting about every two weeks for about 18 months. We’ve been working on some structural issues, from sacrum to mid-back to neck. Some were related to my broken ribs a few years ago (pre-blog, but worth posting) for which I never did any rehabilitation other than take the drugs and lay around for a couple of weeks zoning. But some other issues were tenacious, and were unresponsive to adjustment.
But today, even in the first body scan, she said, “Wow, all this seems to have cleared up,” running her hand from my shoulders to my lower back. “A little bit still in the sacrum, and a little in the neck, but this is the best I’ve ever seen you.” Furthering this was the ease with which my sacrum adjusted – it’s never happened so easily. At the end she said the soft tissue had more elasticity, I was holding my alignment, and the patterns she had been seeing are essentially gone.
The body echos and reflects our reality in its own way.