Who Knew? [episode MMMDCLLXXXVIII]

Yesterday the mailpeople delivered a random new item to my box: The Produce News, “National News Weekly for the Produce Industry Since 1897.” Headlines include “Industry groups release lettuce safety guidelines,” “At Gourmet Garage, the centerpiece is produce” (here’s a photo I took there in December 2000), and “Idaho-Eastern Oregon Onion Committee unveils new logo, campaign.”
This newspaper is 104 pages! Advertisements for everything related to produce, including “The #1 Executive Search Firm in Produce.” What a country!
Anyway, I browsed it over a late breakfast (turkey burger with Cabot cheddar, cantaloupe, banana, water, vanilla ice creme with chocolate sauce, cinnamon Altoid). Found an interesting product called the Mosquito Patch that uses a transdermal patch to deliver 300mg of B1 (thiamine). Apparently research beginning in 1969 showed that most biting insects dislike the smell of B1.
Insect season is almost here – choose your weapons!