Tufte’s “Beautiful Evidence” About to Ship

Very interesting thread on complex bookmaking. Start around March 9 to pick up the recent info. He’s self-published 1.2 million books since 1983, and the detail with which he prints these books is unbelievable. Highlights from the link above:
* We await a test printing of some of our color tints (e.g., hows does 2% yellow compare with 3% yellow?).
* We’ll start printing April 25, with some 29 press OKs….
* On the first form printed, we’ll set the color of the type (the density of the black used for the type, separate from the black used in images) that we’ll be aiming at throughout the book. (The separate blacks for type and images allows independent adjustment of type and image while on press.) There remain some difficult color issues despite our pre-press tests and that is why we do all our own OKs. The press OKs will pretty much take all my time for the next 2 weeks.
* Form 6 is being “perfected” in the printing jargon, with both sides printed in one pass on a 10-color work-and-turn or perfecting press, so that in one pass of the paper through the 10 presses, 5 colors are printed on one side of the paper, the paper is turned over, and 5 colors are printed on the opposite side.
* Major issue now is the carton for mailing single books; the total weight of book and carton is just over 3 pounds, which is a substantial break point on shipping prices. We found a lighter shipping carton that works well to protect the book, but of course it is made in Switzerland.
The colophon should be fascinating. You can order the book here. My pre-order might arrive before I return home!