Where’s the….

Went to iron a shirt for tonight’s event. It turns out I don’t own an iron and ironing board anymore. Put it on the list. I bet there’s a bunch of stuff like that.
Update: Drove over there and the parking lot was surprisingly empty. Hadn’t really considered the situation where I’d be one of three attendees, I was expecting more of a crowd. Parked in back and walked around to the front. Front door was locked. Looked up at the sign to make sure I was at the right building. Then David walked over, talking on the phone, and said, “Hold on—Hi!” And I said, “Cultus Arborum thing tonight?” And he replied, “That was a couple of nights ago. Wednesday. Do you want to sign our guestbook?” Sure, that’s good, at least the trip wasn’t totally wasted. Earth to Notio: Check out the date, dude. Don’t guess. Notio spaceshot to promoters: Put the day as well as the date (“Wednesday, June 28, 2006”) to assist calendar-challenged people like me.
Turns out I didn’t need an iron after all.