Weekend Snapshot

After seven hours of financial straightening (I’m probably one-third through the project) I offer 15 minutes of guitar snapshots.
Detective Mystery.mp3 (2:01)
Swimming.mp3 (4:19)
Dee Vee.mp3 (1:48)
Simple Chords.mp3 (2:01)
Big Noise.mp3 (3:58)
Are You Fire.mp3 (2:36)
Now it’s all about dexterity and stamina (ain’t that always the way) until I start to work out specific song themes. And maybe learn what the heck I’m doing. I’m going on feel here, and have little understanding of how guitar tuning works, intellectually. That’s an unusual space for me, normally I think it first and feel it later. This is the opposite. There’s sure to be some learning.