What Matters

Falling asleep last night it occurred to me that in the past few days I have
* Really gotten motivated playing guitar, reminding me how much I loved playing when I was young. It’s hard to remember that in the mid-1970s I was the best guitar player in my school district, and I just walked away from it. WTF.
* Made a simple music video, reminding me that I have at least two screenplays I’m hoping to write. A couple of years ago I had good traction on the first outline. Now, a distant memory.
* Printed some of my photographs, reminding me that my grandfather taught me how to work in the darkroom and I’ve always loved playing with images. My photography work is on a four- to five-year binge cycle, and I’m ready for another one.
* Continued writing, currently focused on the blog, reminding me that in addition to the two or three screenplays I have at least one novel and and one or two non-fiction projects I’d like to accomplish. This is in addition to any business writing, which probably includes one or two short works.
I have a passion for many parts of my work, but really, it sure seems like the list above is what deeply matters to me. So if you see me online or in person, maybe you can ask me about that stuff as encouragement. Life goes on, plenty to do, work is busy, etc., but the four areas above are where I’m really trying to work. It’s easy to forget, and life is short.