It Will Become Impossible Not to Speak the Truth

Scheherazade on blogging (reposted in full):

I got an email from someone today who started blogging because of stumbling across this blog. I wrote back to her, and said this:

I do think that if you blog, honestly, for six months, it will change your life. I’m not sure why, exactly, but it will. I think if you get in the habit of first noticing, then describing, the truth about your life and your reactions to it, it will become impossible not to speak the truth. And when you’ve made telling the truth and being tuned into your world a habit, you will make changes to things that don’t work for you. And so you’ll make room for wonder, and you’ll become more fully yourself.

Enjoy. I don’t think we know what we have to say until we start saying it. And I definitely don’t think we know our power until we start being honest and brave in front of other people. I’m still learning how to do that, but this blog is teaching me how, daily.

Thanks Sherry.