Just The Facts

There is a weapons system development effort in every congressional district. [Which weapons system to you want to kill, Senator??]
Of the 350 annual megatons of carbon output that Ford is responsible for, only eight of it comes from car emissions; the rest is from factories.
The NSA joke used to be, “No Such Agency;” now it’s “Not Secret Anymore.”
Ford is not using the Toyota batteries in their Toyota-technology hybrid cars, because the Toyota batteries use child labor that wouldn’t pass Ford’s human-rights code. But Ford doesn’t publicize this because they would be accused of “greenwashing” their terrible overall carbon footprint.
Nissan executives in Japan are working 17-hour days, which includes six hours of drinking with their colleagues every evening. 55-year old men commonly sob when talking about the pressure with their personal coaches or HR.
General Hayden, formerly head of the NSA, now head of the CIA, was variously described by People Who Should Know as one of the most kind, loving, humanistic, and caring people they had ever met. [Triangulated from four discussions.]
Ford will offer buy-out packages to every single hourly production worker, and every single salaried worker over 50. In the next two years they will cut 40% of their management positions. [Can you spell “ripple effect?”]
Just three years ago Nissan’s internal projections assumed an endless supply of oil and stable gas prices.
The Director of Sustainability at Ford spends 50 – 70% of his time educating colleagues. Most people still don’t believe climate change is real.
There are 40 million cubicles in American workplaces.