Life of Matt

My friend Matt Bucy leads an interesting life (cf Tip Top Building). He has two blogs—here’s a recent excerpt from each:
lukoil faggot at aloofdork

if i had been with a group of gay men i’m sure there’d have been a lot of cat calling and name calling right back at him. but it was just me and for some reason, i didn’t resist him, i just told him the truth. i felt great afterwards. i don’t know if it made any difference in his life, but it brought home to me that telling the truth, honoring myself in the face of attack and more importantly respecting and honoring the attacker is a weapon powerful enough to interrupt patterns of violence and hatred.

timberrrr framing at Faerie Camp Destiny:

the magic of timberframing, for me anyway, is the joinery. i’ve said a couple times to folks when showing them chiselwork: “you’re not just whittling away here, you’re creating a relationship!” you spend the day, sometimes longer, chipping away at a timber, working your way down to some lines that don’t necessarily make any sense to you. you do your best to create the smoothest most accurate work you can, often betrayed by eagerness and impatience. the wood works with you sometimes, against you others. each cut is a new challenge asking you to be present and attentive.