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I just asked my office-mate: “Addled; is that a word? I just wrote ‘my addled brain,’ is that the right usage?” He replied, “Yes.” F12 to the dictionary: addle |ˈadl| verb [ trans. ] chiefly humorous make unable to think clearly; confuse : being in love must have addled your brain. adjective archaic (of an […]

Sonny Boy

The meeting was 15 people, by invitation. Hosted in a very comfortable high-tech room. The guest speaker was from a famous university a few hours south. Worker bees and VPs gathered to talk shop and think big. 45 minute presentation, then lunch is served. We introduce ourselves. Discussion ensues. Eventually I ask: “What kinds of […]

Just Ignore Any Conflicts

I’m scheduling interviews for a project and I received the following (lightly edited) email at 10 AM today, illustrating the problems of “groupware.” That works for Susan! If this works for others, please feel free to add it to Susan’s calendar (I’m leaving at 10:30am today). Just ignore any conflicts that show at that time. […]

Is that what you said?

Nice rant from Brian Dear on the manipulations and distortions and hypocrisy of the US government.