Dear Boloco

Quality control in Hanover has GOT to improve. Today: Regular teriaki with chicken. $6.25 They forgot the chicken. Then realized that this is normally $5.25 if memory serves. Last visit: Ordered extra chicken. Got normal amount of chicken.
This is the sort of thing where it’s way too much of a hassle to go back and complain for a dollar or two. Plus, with a small staff you can get a rep for complaining and then who knows what happens to the ingredients in your next order.
Recommendation: Give every customer a receipt. Put a sign up saying, “If we don’t give you a receipt your next order is free.” Print messages on the receipt like, “Was your order perfect? How can we improve?” etc. Monthly drawing for best feedback, etc.
I realize it’s a tough staff to manage (high turnover, low pay, tedious work, food service, lunchtime slams, etc) but at this point three of my last four visits were incorrect meals, and one of them seems like it included an overcharge (two, if you count the missing extra chicken).
So I’ll give it another shot in December, but it’s been kind of a downer in Sept and Oct.