The World Standard in Studless Winter Tyres

Glen said, “The ultimate winter weapon is still the Hakk 2’s with studs, but if you don’t want to run the studs with the noise and the rolling resistance and everything, then the RSi is what people are talking about.” Better than the Hakk 2’s? “Without the studs; With the studs, Hakk 2’s are what you want.” Got it. “This is a good tyre, it’s quiet—people say it’s really quiet—and it replaces the Nokia Q, which was around for ten years, and people liked that tyre quite a lot.” How much? “Let me go work it out.” [3 minutes of tyre store being] “$109 mounted and balanced.” Okay, sold.
Now I just have to get there at 7:15 some morning to be in the first batch of customers. Otherwise it’s an all-day affair.