Coop Holiday Shopping

I went to the Coop at 1:30 PM today, three shopping days before Christmas, and the first day off of work for most people. I knew it would be a scene, but it was such a scene I got a photo pass from the store manager and took a few shots. When you arrive and there aren’t any carts, you know you’re in for it:

After you make it through the deli (whew!!) you have the dairy gauntlet:

The intersection of wine, meat, and produce was something of a bottleneck:

I don’t eat caviar, but if I did I’d be glad to know you can get it in a range of qualities this year, from $4.25/oz to $130/oz:

Checkout moved quickly, but there were a lot of people, and everyone had full carriages:

My meager basket was $143.62:

Eat, drink, and make a toast to peace in our lifetime.