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Video of the Day

Sixteen seconds: Try That Bike Stunt

Both Sides Are Equally Human

The Storytellers: Why Are Most Artists Liberal? Stories, by their nature, have some sort of conflict. Otherwise, they would be boring. Conflict, by its nature, has at least two sides. To be able to write these two sides well, the artist has to understand, deep inside, that both sides are equally human. The more he […]

A Big Inside Joke on Several Levels

No, silly, not the Bush administration – LOL!! Better, David McRaney’s fantastic article on Internet communication culture and sub-cultures, called A Special In-Depth Analysis L337 Katz0rz: Still, a fusion of sorts between learned, direct language and rapid, practical digital missives takes place with Leetspeak and macros. Both relay a great deal of information in a […]

Programatic Palettes

It all started when I saw Running the Numbers. I really enjoyed the colors of the very last photo, Shipping Containers. I thought, “I wonder if that would make a good color palette?” I fired up the Digital Color Meter, which ships in the Applications/Utilities directory of all Mac OS X systems, and set the […]

Spare Cycles

Chris Anderson: In the next issue of Wired we’ve got a great story about a woman who cyberstalked the lead singer of Linkin Park. She correctly guessed the password to his cellphone account. The rest was easy. She was a technician at a secure military facility, the Sandia National Labs. When eventually confronted, she explained […]

Widespread Acknowledgment of the Magic

Via David Gans: Proclamation from the Mayor of the City of Ithaca, NY Whereas, the Grateful Dead have been recognized by many highly credible organizations, individuals and entities including the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as significantly important and integral to the musical and social fabric of our contemporary culture, and whereas, on May […]

Turning Cosmic Litter Into Gold

One good reason to be better connected with my alumni association (read: write big checks), is to get invited to events like this. Lou Reed ’64 Honored for Achievements in Music, Writing, and Artistic Expression “We have an alchemist in our company tonight,” Bono announced to the crowd. “Lou Reed not only inhabits his chosen […]

A Chat with Aaron Swartz

You may remember Aaron from when he was 12 or 13, and won a computer programming award (Wikipedia) from Philip Greenspun. Or you may have followed his weblog (archives) wherein he chronicled his arrival at Stanford, and the subsequent disillusionment and dropping out. Or maybe you knew he was a regular contributor to Wikipedia. Or […]