Clinton’s Feminism

NY Times:

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton had a teary-eyed moment on the campaign trail today during a nostalgic visit to Yale, where she graduated from law school nearly 35 years ago. […] Mrs. Clinton, looking teary, raised her left hand to her cheek and brushed something away with her finger.

Wow, teary-eyed, the very day before a critical election. What a coincidence. This happened one other time, here in NH:

The emotional moment echoed a similar one in New Hampshire last month, when Mrs. Clinton’s eyes welled with tears as she talked about the tensions of running for president.

Funny, with 35 years in public service (sic, coughwalmartboardcough) you’d think these teary episodes wouldn’t happen so much when the chips are down and everyone’s watching. Unless, of course, it’s part of the sell.
Hillary Clinton’s definition of feminism: Cry when you want to get your way, and when the going gets tough send your husband out to bully the mean kids (coughfairytailsouthcarolinajessejacksoncough).
I am all for heartfelt emotion, but not for strategic emotional cues designed to manipulate other people. With all that’s happened to Hillary Clinton, if she were genuinely a heartfelt person, she would tear up more often then just the day before an election when all the media are watching. Gag me.
Andrew Sullivan says it better than I can.