Shine A Light

Martin Scorsese has a new film opening tonight, a musical documentary on the Rolling Stones, filmed in 2006, called Shine A Light. It’s big news in the Intertubes Classic Rock spaces. Here’s the trailer (2:44):

And here’s Jumpin’ Jack Flash, the (complete) first song from the movie (4:10):

What strikes me most is how healthy they look. Even Keith. Well, he’s a little worse for the wear, but judged by his own standards even Keith is lookin’ good.
To gain some perspective on all that, check out this version of Honky Tonk Woman from 1969 in Hyde Park (3:09):

Now, that is some classic rock, eh? Meanwhile backstage, here’s an amusing outtake from an MTV television ad from the 1980s (1:48):

Kids, don’t try this at home.