Except You

Bravo. Probably the most important factor in the next US Presidential election is getting young people to vote, no matter what. Maybe this campaign will help.

Halloween Costumes Based on Bob Dylan Lyrics

Brilliant. My favorites are “Einstein disguised as Robin Hood,” and the “Preacher with 20 lbs of headlines stapled to his chest.” Though I suppose “Man in the long black coat” has some appeal for lazy simplicity…

Handmeon RSS

Handmeon now has an RSS feed. It’s a pretty interesting view into the site. Have a look and check out the diverse topics our early users are engaging.

Unbroken Chain Conference

I am so registered for this.


What an interesting idea: Read books in small daily chunks by email or RSS. I’ve subscribed to Pride and Prejudice, and scheduled the 149 parts to be delivered at 7:30 pm each weekday day. Free!

Apple’s .plan

In Unix culture there is the idea of the “.plan” (dot-plan) file. It lives in the user’s home directory, and is a place to write updates about your life or work. It pre-dates blogging and Twitter by nearly a hundred years, but was typically updated much less frequently than either. The id software founder and […]

Introducing Handmeon

Okay, enough with the hints. In January I started a new company with two co-founders, and today we released the second major revision to our first product, Handmeon. To quote some draft marketing material: Handmeon turns giving into a shared creative experience. Inspired by ancient circles of exchange, Handmeon lets people create renewable resources of […]

Idiomatic Learning

Link for the day: Learn English Today. Example: Like a dog with two tails. [N.B. Highly irritating javascript window resizing on that site. Very 1994.]

Raising Frame at Faerie Camp Destiny

I am in awe of this side project Matt is doing. It’s all there, design discussions, preliminary renderings of the frame, photos from logging and clearing, and today, this fantastic human-powered frame-raising movie. (4:00)

Bunny Emoticons

“they’re out of control.”  

The Dashed Line In Use

Nearfield: I’ve had trouble justifying my excitement about this intricate visual detail, so I thought it would be good to collect a bunch of examples from over fifty years of information design history, to show it as a powerful visual element in ubicomp situations.


I’m trying to hold back, as a nod to the budget, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to resist much longer. (FontBook)

Katie Hutchison Studio

An architect in Salem MA blogs: Inspired by the simplicity of New England vernacular buildings and landscapes, Katie Hutchison Studio composes and promotes meaningful architecture and design. Some great stuff there. Primer: House Garden Primer: A Recipe for Architectural Charm Design snapshot: Vineyard elemental outdoor fireplace Current project: West Tisbury House.

Sticker Bumpkins

About three months ago, I saw that Don had an Obama bumper sticker on his car, and I said, “I want one of those.” So I went to the website, and much to my surprise, there was no way to buy a bumper sticker. No swag at all. Crazy. I decided to send them a […]

Fake Steve on the iPhone Launch

I’m just going to post the whole thing, to save you the effort of the click. Today we make history. Today we change the world. Today we put a dent in the universe. Today — June 29, 2007 — we release iPhone. It has taken years of work from all parts of Apple. First advertising, […]

Making Happy

via Chris Glass: From Stefan Sagmeister’s presentation at TED: Complaining is silly. Either act or forget. Thinking life will be better in the future is stupid. I have to live now. Being not truthful works against me. Helping other people helps me. Organizing a charity group is surprisingly easy. Everything I do always comes back […]

Women In Art

Video of the day: Women In Art (2:52). 500 years of female portraits in western art. Beautiful and amazing.

Video of the Day

Sixteen seconds: Try That Bike Stunt

Both Sides Are Equally Human

The Storytellers: Why Are Most Artists Liberal? Stories, by their nature, have some sort of conflict. Otherwise, they would be boring. Conflict, by its nature, has at least two sides. To be able to write these two sides well, the artist has to understand, deep inside, that both sides are equally human. The more he […]

A Big Inside Joke on Several Levels

No, silly, not the Bush administration – LOL!! Better, David McRaney’s fantastic article on Internet communication culture and sub-cultures, called A Special In-Depth Analysis L337 Katz0rz: Still, a fusion of sorts between learned, direct language and rapid, practical digital missives takes place with Leetspeak and macros. Both relay a great deal of information in a […]