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Well, after a busy week of (mostly) proposal-writing and fire drills, I’m taking a two-week break. The first in Wolfeboro, NH sans electricity or running water, and the second of unknown destination. I haven’t yet written emails to all the great folks I met in Chicago. That’s a goal for when I return. I’m exhausted. […]

Sunday Evening 8 PM

Front yard, looking South. The mist is rolling in, the weekend almost ended. Music wafting in the background, a busy week ahead.

Giving Conference Photos

I have posted 183 photos from the Giving Conference. Thanks to Charles Maclean for taking such great photos! You can view the photos on the web here. If you want to download them to your own computer, you can grab this 40 MB archive. After using something like Stuffit Expander (free) to de-compress the archive, […]

Organic Professionals

NY Times: Going Up the Country, But Keeping All Your Toys. This story rings true from my rural Ivy League observation post. Our area has a lot of people working in, say, financial services, that built or renovated comfortable country houses and earn city incomes telecommuting. Excerpt: “I think a lot of people are assessing […]


In my mailbox after I returned from the Giving Conference was “Presence – Human Purpose and the Field of the Future” by Peter Senge, C. Otto Scharmer, Joseph Jaworski, and Betty Sue Flowers. I read the introduction this morning. The book is a snapshot of a theory-in-progress on organizational learning. By considering multinational corporations (or […]

Reflecting on our Open Space for Giving

I’ve taken the day off, save for mowing the lawn and doing a few loads of laundry, reviewing email, and reflecting on the amazing reverberations from the Conference. The most striking thing I notice reviewing the proceedings, is how many sessions I wished I’d attended, even though I have no regrets at all about the […]