Here is yet another fantastic software application from a small (one-person) firm. Seasonality from Gaucho Software is a $25 desktop weather application. Who cares, you say. After all, does that for free. But is slow, and filled with annoying chartjunk and ads. You have to load lots of pages (read, advertisements) to get […]

Opportunity: VW-branded biodiesel

Here’s an example of an important new product opportunity. Volkswagen has a turbo diesel engine called the TDI. It’s available in the US and Canada in their Golf, Beetle, Jetta, Passat, and Tourag cars. It runs on diesel fuel, and depending on the model gets up to 50 mpg. It’s also really fun to drive; […]

Get Yer Folliage

Colorful times in northern New England. (Compare to July 15.) But it also means that it’s getting colder, and winter is coming. After Toronto, I have to learn how to burn a brush pile. More new-homeowner excitement!

Sunday Evening 8 PM

Front yard, looking South. The mist is rolling in, the weekend almost ended. Music wafting in the background, a busy week ahead.

Snow, and more snow

Since we’re getting even more snow today, and every day this week, it seems appropriate to point to this list of Inuit words for snow. Thanks Halley!