Archives for July 2006

Backup Brain

So I don’t have to spend twenty minutes with Google-fu the next time I’m looking for this, here are two in-depth articles on Mac OSX backup. 1) The State of Backup and Cloning Tools under Mac OS X 2) Mac Backup Software Harmful Summary: 1) It’s a complicated problem. 2) Use SuperDuper.

USA, Today

Long Sunday deconstructs the meaning of 9/11 in the US psyche. Billmon compares current US politics to those of Spain in 1936. Brianstorms reminds us of the Bill of Rights.

Great Bass, Lesh Philling

Right up until Sunday, the day of the show, I wasn’t sure if I’d go to see Phil Lesh & Friends at SPAC. I’d been sick for two weeks, the first week full-blown, with all symptoms known to (wo)man, and a second full week with the phlegmish hacking cough. Symptoms had died down by Saturday, […]

Stadium Arcadium

The new double-album by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stadium Arcadium, really rocks. People were raving about it, and I liked the single I heard on the radio (Dani California) , so I splurged and bought an actual physical CD – made of atoms no less. None of them ephemeral DRM encrypted bits for the […]

Concert Etiquette

Overheard at SPAC: Why do you carry a lighter to rock concerts? You don’t smoke. —Sometimes people ask for a light. But smokey rooms suck. Why would you help smokers by offering them a light? —Because if, at a rock concert, someone asks for a lighter, the chances are good that you’ll have the option […]

Finds Neither Support nor a Passive Population

Former Special-Ops guy John Robb writes Global Guerrillas, “an open notebook on the first epochal war of the 21st Century.” The latest post, An Attack On Iran = Catalyst Of Chaos summarizes his current thinking on Iran, and the implications for the US. The economic/societal wave: state failures. A gulf monarchy falls. Successful terrorist attacks […]

Nano-Enabled Advances

Email from Amazon alerted me to this new book: Nanotechnology Applications And Markets, by Lawrence Gasman, $79. Discover nanotech opportunities the smart way with the first “down to business” market analysis that separates commercial reality from hype and gives you the tools you need to forecast nanotech’s impact on any company. This professional-level book spotlights […]