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Stella High Blue Time

It could always go wrong Two steps forward, ten steps back. There’s nothing left to see Watch out for dropping shoes.

Believe It Or Not

But I’ll roll up my shirtsleeves How do we know for sure? Who goes first? Can I do it? How long will it take? Could it last? Will it be “work?” Is there alignment? Can we overcome fear? These questions and more fill my head and heart today.

Slices Through The Banal

Brilliant culture hacking: The Bureau of Workplace Interruptions. We harness interruptive technology to expose the secret possibilities of the workday. As a time-stealing agency, the Bureau of Workplace Interruptions works directly with employees to invisibly insert intimate exchange into the flow of the workday. Our promise is to create interruptions that challenge the needs of […]

Welcome to Notio

Welcome, Big Picture readers. Barry pointed you to the Kid’s Today post. Thanks for visiting. You might also want to check out some of the greatest hits: * I’ve written a lot of personal posts this year, including Expressing Anger, Jung’s Typology vs. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Gaston Bachelard: Subversive Humanist, Your Song, Broken in Two […]

Ambient Advertising

Elegant in-bathroom advertising. What can one say? It’s probably just the beginning. via Wealth Bondage.

Beautiful Photos

Of China. Amazing.

Photoshop Compiler Conversion

Being a software engineer working on Photoshop doesn’t sound like a lot of fun these days. I’d say they have a good long 9- to 12-month slog in front of them. And at the end of it, who knows what they’ll have. It’s a complete re-write of a very large desktop app. Good luck y’all. […]

Expectation Hacks

Classic software development conversation at the 37signals Campfire: File upload limits were discussed and a simple solution was figured out… Ryan: what are we trying to avoid with a limit? won’t a gigantic file just time out anyway? Jason: thats’ the problem. “Why didn’t my file transfer work?” “What happened to the file I uploaded” […]

Required Competencies

I was invited to collaborate on a bid for an organizational learning consulting project, filling in for a staff leave of absence. In reviewing the job description I was interested in the competencies they required: * External Awareness * Professional Confidence * Working Across Boundaries * Organizational Awareness * Achievement Orientation * Focus on c/Customer […]

Mercury In Retrograde

This could explain the last few weeks. In general, Mercury rules thinking and perception, processing and disseminating information and all means of communication, commerce and transportation. By extension, Mercury rules people who work in these areas, especially people who work with their minds or their wits: writers and orators, commentators and critics, gossips and spin […]

All The Rage

Finally, I may be in step with a style trend, just this once. Whenever a countercultural trend becomes a mainstream one, there is a natural tendency to look for deeper meaning. Do beards that call to mind Charles Manson suggest dissatisfaction with “the system”? Are broody beards, like the dark and somber mood of the […]

Kids Today

My nephew, Matthew, is nine years old. He’s been taking violin and piano lessons for a couple of years. His dad, Alan, my brother, is a technology manager at a big company and has been livin’ the digital lifestyle for a couple of decades now. Matthew’s mom, Susan, Alan’s wife, my sister-in-law, is a graphic […]

In Case You Were Wondering

Do you happen to know if there’s wifi available in the Lebanon Coop? There is not. I have asked for it a few times over the years. Being board president doesn’t pull any weight on this, believe it or not (due to a personality-minimizing governance structure which is long-term good and specific-issue annoying).

Top ‘O The Morning

I like the brand-new Google Finance for its page layout and information density. Lots of Ajaxy goodness throughout – check out that slider under the long-term graph! Billmon exposes the hypocrisy that is John Snow, Bush’s Treasury Secretary, standing in for arrogant overpaid CEOs the world over. Not that every CEO is arrogant and overpaid, […]

Modern Baby Names

Off the top of my head: * Pixel * Bitmap * Ui * Mouseover * Hover * Feed * Titlebar * Favicon * Clickwheel * Earbud * Doctype * Serverside * Api * Voip * Hosted I threw away about half of what I thought of, but there are dozens more. I gotta get back […]

Create Your Own Reality

Now that my personal training sessions have ended, it’s time for me to stay in the exercise game without scheduled (and expensive!) moral and educational support. As part of that program, I’m going to do some minor dieting, to really nail down the fat loss in the waist line. This morning I went through the […]

Official Phone of 37signals & Ruby On Rails

The next Internet trend: Ruby and Rails geeks buy the Motorola PEBL phone because David and Jason both raved about it. Less Phone, that sort of thing.

Danah Boyd

So this “crazy, overachieving, passionate, activist grrl” Danah Boyd is pretty interesting. Her ETech presentation, G/localization: When Global Information and Local Interaction Collide, got a lot of pixels this week for good reason. My name is danah boyd and i am a PhD student at the School of Information (SIMS) at the University of California, […]

On Being A Bad Internet Citizen

I’m sorry, I just can’t help myself: * Cute Overload Kittens * Kitten War * Rate My Kitten * The Daily Kitten * Cute Little Kittens Father, please forgive me.

Sandra Day O’Connor Worries About Dictatorship

Here is Slate’s story on the media ignoring O’Connor’s Georgetown University speech: The smoke drifting out of your computer over the weekend was not the result of a fried motherboard but the scent of bloggers setting themselves on fire in response to Nina Totenberg’s NPR Morning Edition Friday, March 10, dispatch. Totenberg had attended a […]